We know many of you are “horse people”, not “computer people”…

The world of internet marketing and website design can be confusing and intimidating for many individuals in the equestrian industry who prefer to spend most of their time down at the barn instead of next to a computer!  It’s for this reason, and our love and passion for horses, that we’re ready and willing to help you improve your internet presence!

If you’re looking to launch a brand new business website or redo an existing one for your current equestrian brand, business, or service, today is your lucky day!

For a limited time, Amateur Equestrian is offering to build any equestrian professional or business a FREE professional business website.   If you have an existing website, possibly built decades ago, we’re also willing to give that old website a new and modern makeover and upgrade!

Who is this website for? 

EVERYONE!  Horse riders, trainers, boarding/training/breeding farms & facilities, vets, farriers, equine medical professionals, online products, brands, businesses, tack & feed shops and local stores, equestrian crafts, bloggers, artists, photographers, journalists and more!


What the website includes:

New Website: 

Website Redesign: (If you’d like us to modernize and upgrade your current website)


Here is the before & after of a current client website redesign in progress for both mobile & desktop! 



The mobile version – before & after



Ready to get started? 

Please email us at info@amateurequestrian.com to speak directly with one of our website experts for the full details about launching a new website, or redesigning your existing one.