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    In 2005, Wendy Lewis was awarded 12th Overall Rider of the Year and 6th Lady Rider of the Year.  She is one of the top event riders in the United States today, having competed multiple times at Rolex during her career, on both 3-star and 4-star levels.  Known for her dedication and commitment to both her horses and her students, Wendy has built a reputation as an excellent trainer, instructor, and clinician.




    Full training, packages or individual sessions available for horse and rider.


    Student Lessons/Horse Training Rides in:


    • Eventing
    • Hunters
    • Jumpers
    • Dressage
    • Equitation
    • Horse Shows
    • Clinics

    • Amateur Equestrian
      January 11, 2018 at 3:25 am
      5 /5

      Wendy Lewis and her training program, Wendy Lewis Eventing at Golden Gait Farm in Millstone, NJ, has been tested and reviewed extensively over a 2+ year period and receives our Amateur Equestrian 5-Star Rocket Approval Rating.

      We couldn’t be more proud to say that we’ve had the ultimate pleasure of training with 4-star eventer and trainer Wendy Lewis, and in our opinion she is one of New Jersey’s best kept secrets. Not only does she go the extra mile above and beyond for her students, eight days a week, she in one of few professional equestrians that possesses a complete trifecta of outstanding abilities, excelling all three areas of riding, training and teaching.

      Her ability to be able to work with both horse and rider separately and as a team, training both to become better suited for each other is fantastic. She closes the gap between the horse’s and student weaknesses, giving them both the tools, confidence and conditioning they need to push past obstacles together and truly excel at the sport on every level.

      If you are looking to take your eventing to the next level, or want an amazing trainer to help you and your horse achieve competence in all 3 arenas (x-country, dressage, jumping), we highly recommend Wendy Lewis and her amazing team in New Jersey at Wendy Lewis Eventing, located at Golden Gait farm in Millstone, NJ.

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