Dr. Nancy R. Lee, DVM

Equine Veterinarian

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    • Lameness evaluations and soundness programs
      Digital Radiograph machine (see your images instantaneously!!)
    • Digital Ultrasound machine- best field grade available for highest accuracy in diagnosing injury and planning a rehabilitation schedule
    • Vaccination schedule catered to your specific horses needs
    • Pre Purchase exams
    • Strong relationships with local hospitals for best referral care and follow-up
    • Equipped with a fully stocked truck with top of the line digital radiograph equipment, digital ultrasound, endoscopy and current progressive treatment plans.


    Education & Bio:

    I have grown up as a rider and competitor since I was 2 years old.  I started out in pony club and fell madly in love with 3-Day Eventing at a young age.  I got my first horse when I was 11 years old and did self care at various farms.  I lived outside of Boston and competed on the Area I young rider team until I was 21 and also attained the "A-Rating" in pony club at the age of 18 years.  This foundation gave me the ground work and mindset to know that I wanted to be a veterinarian some day.  I competed my horse through the Intermediate level of eventing before starting veterinary school at Tufts in 1998.  During vet school I studied rhabdomyolysis ("tying-up") in the event horse funded by an NIH grant.  Following vet school I was an intern at Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center in Ringoes, NJ from 2002-03. Upon completion of this internship I stayed on as an ambulatory clinician for two years. I was then hired by a racetrack group working at Monmouth park, and Gulfstream park.  It was there that I solidified my experience and interest in lameness diagnostics and treatment. In the fall of 2006, I started my own practice in central New Jersey with the aim of diversifying my work from the racetrack to sport horse medicine.  My practice has grown through the years to include a wonderful group of clients from Standardbred and Thoroughbred racehorses to dressage, jumper and eventing horses all over New Jersey.  In June 2011, I bought a wonderful young event horse and am thoroughly enjoying competing again.

    • Amateur Equestrian
      January 17, 2018 at 6:48 am
      5 /5

      Dr. Nancy R. Lee, DVM of New Jersey has had an extensive review by our staff for over a 3+ year period and has been awarded Amateur Equestrian’s 5-Star Rocket Approval rating.

      Dr. Nancy Lee is an extremely professional and knowledgable vet with a fantastic bedside manner. She’s been brilliantly accurate when other vets have led us down frustrating rabbit holes. In the past our horses have thrown all types of issues at her including internal wellness and lameness diagnosis and Nancy has been 200% successful in all of her treatment plans including injury recovery and rehabilitation.

      Dr. Lee also goes the extra mile in making sure she gathers as much information as possible when diagnosing your horse and is not afraid to consult with the top equine specialists in the state when needed to better assess and provide you with more advanced information on the issues.

      Not only does she have extensive experience working with sport/competition horses and racehorses, she’s also an accomplished equestrian competitor herself, which allows her to fully understand the needs of performance horses (and their owners)!

      Our only criticism about Dr. Lee is that she keeps our horses so healthy, we don’t get to see more of her! If you’re looking for a brilliant vet in the New Jersey Area, we highly recommend her services!

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