Chandelle Spargo

Centered Riding® Instructor & Owner at Dancing Frogs Farm

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    • Early Years – Began riding at the age of 9, owning several horses; showed A Level Hunter/Jumpers
    • 1980 - 1991 - Waltner Farms, Duval, Washington - Exercise rider, barn manager for 5 Thoroughbred racehorses including breezing works
    • 1991-1996 - Thoroughbred racehorse rehab at private facility in Washington State in association with Debbie Mac Donald.
    • 1996 – 2000 - Started teaching Balanced seat hunter / Jumper beginning riders in Oregon state
    • 2001 - Dancing Frogs Farm - Started a riding school and boarding facility in New Jersey for lessons in balanced seat, trail, hunter jumpers and dressage.
    • 2002 - Started racehorse rescue and rehabilitation, and placement program through Dancing Frogs Farm.
    • 2002 - Current  - Started a sport horse breeding program (Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods)
    • 2006 - Received my Level 1 Centered Riding® certification and incorporated Centered Riding® into my lesson programs and my own riding.
    • 2007 - Began dressage training with my off-track thoroughbred.
    • 2008 -2009 - Purchased my first Warmblood school master, trained with Jamie Dancer, Rebecca Cowden, and attended clinics with Michael Barnsone
    • 2008 -2009 - Covered winter students for Jaime Dancer . Taught and rode client horses at Golden Gait farm
    • 2009 - Started lesson program at Golden Gait farm
    • 2010 - Current -  Moved program back to Dancing Frogs Farm
    • 2012 - Current - Continuing training under Kathy Culler on regular basis to advance own Centered Riding® skills

    • Amateur Equestrian
      January 11, 2018 at 4:30 am
      5 /5

      Chandelle Spargo, and her Centered Riding training program in New Jersey has been tested extensively over a 2+ year period and receives our Amateur Equestrian 5-Star Rocket Approval Rating.

      We’ve had the remarkable pleasure of training with Chandelle Spargo and don’t know if we have enough room to write all the nice things we’d love to say! Kind, patient and passionate, our experience under her guidance was fantastic. As a certified Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, she stripped us bare (literally, she took away our reins and stirrups!) and began our education process from the ground up. Chandelle’s knowledge of how important building up a core foundation of basic skills, balance and conditioning came through in all of her training sessions as she helped us to develop and strengthen a solid base which we now utilize and return to every time we get into the saddle.

      Thanks to our invaluable time spent with Chandelle as she helped to lay down and build up our base level bricks of abilities and understanding in not only riding, but horsemanship as well, our foundation has remained solid, intact and remarkably supportive of the added weight of new education as we progress up the levels. Without her we’d still be trying to stack our bricks in dressage quicksand.

      For anyone in the central New Jersey area looking for a talented and extremely “centered” trainer, we highly recommend the instructional services of Chandelle Spargo.

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