Canine- Equine Dopplegangers: 37 Horses that Have Matching Dogs!

Many horse owners have a “type” of horse that they love.  Maybe it’s bays, leopard appaloosas, palominos, or even paints…  but there’s always that favorite color that we’re all drawn to.   So what could be better than having a beautiful horse in your favorite color?  Having a gorgeous dog to match!   For your enjoyment, check out this gallery of horses that look just like their family dogs.   Some of them look so close they could be twins!

What about a leopard appaloosa and a dalmatian?

Beautiful bay and his matching terrier.

Black stallion and his black lab!

custom heart horse

What about a shetland pony and his boarder collie?

Or a beranese mountain pup and his matching bay horse?

Pittbull and his matching grey.

Are these two spotted ponies or two spotted dogs?

Chestnut and her matching yorkie.

Painted shetland and her matching boxer.

Little blue and her mastiff.

Beautiful gelding and his matching doberman.

Blue heeler and her matching dapple grey.

We’re seeing spots everywhere with this adorable dalmatian and matching leopard appaloosa.

Well, these two just love each other….

Beautiful chestnut with matching hound!

Another adorable set of spots!

This gorgeous pair must be from Canada…  an adorable golden palomino with matching Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

This beautiful paint draft and spotted greyhound are really enjoying their run!

An English bulldog and his equine companion.

Chestnut and his matching boxer.

Stunning paint draft and his faithful border collie.

Adorable little paint foal is snuggling with his matching Australian Shepherd.

Just a red canine and his matching equine ready for a trail ride.

Your child could probably ride either… your paint pony or his matching St. Bernard!

This labrador puppy is not quiet sure of his matching flea bitten grey.

The best of friends… english bull dog and his matching shetland pony!

Pretty close in size and color, this shetland pony and his matching mountain dog!

Even donkeys can have matching dogs!!

This grey pony adores his matching white puppy!

This stunning Gypsy V. has not one but two matching border collies!

This chestnut takes his duck toller for a walk!

Just a pair of matching chocolates!

This horse just loves his matching jack russel terrier.

Twins!  This chestnut and his boxer tok it one step further with matching socks, blazes and turnout blankets!