Advice for New Horse Owners

How to Guide to Getting Started in Horseback Riding

Learning to ride a horse is an amazing hobby, and one that can be enjoyed or even started at any age, and enjoyed for a lifetime.   It’s an amazing sport that helps to boost responsibility, hard work and self-confidence.  When you don’t know much about horses, becoming an equestrian can be quite an intimidating

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Horse Humor

Canine- Equine Dopplegangers: 37 Horses that Have Matching Dogs!

Many horse owners have a “type” of horse that they love.  Maybe it’s bays, leopard appaloosas, palominos, or even paints…  but there’s always that favorite color that we’re all drawn to.   So what could be better than having a beautiful horse in your favorite color?  Having a gorgeous dog to match!   For

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custom horse ornament
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Custom Horse Hair Ornaments & Gifts

Custom Horse Hair Ornaments & Photo Holders: Keep a part of your favorite horse with you always   For the first year ever, our founder has decided to take orders for her amazingly adorably and unbelievably precious custom horse ornaments! These ornaments are custom, one of a kind ornaments that are hand made to

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